Golden Needle is a tattoo shop and art collective that aims to promote inclusion and self-expression. They needed a full brand identity and website.

The inspiration for Golden Needle's branding was a "witchy" vibe, which is a popular aesthetic among tattoo enthusiasts and artists. The shape of the primary logo contains an upward-facing needle, representing the stability and hope that an inclusive environment and community can provide to marginalized communities. Elements of spirituality can also be found throughout the brand, as spirituality is often a source of comfort and inspiration for many.

The web design for Golden Needle features a bold hero image with calls to action for optimal visitor engagement and conversion. A Meet the Team section plays a key role in communicating the brand's core values of diversity and human connection, and also recognizes that potential tattoo clients appreciate having easily accessible information about the shop's artists, their specialties, and their portfolios. A brief history of Golden Needle is also prominently displayed on the homepage, and multiple calls to action are featured throughout the page.